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Invocable is shutting down

The Invocable tool will be shutting down on July 1st, 2019. We've partnered with the team at Voiceflow to make this transition as easy as possible for our users.

Invocable helps UX designers
prototype Alexa Skills

We rebuilt the voice design process from the ground up to help you create the future of interfaces. Craft your prototypes, instantly test on Alexa and share with your team.

Invocable generates real code that runs on Alexa, not just a “happy path” that ends up on a shelf. What you do in the Editor is really how Alexa works, and we handle all the edge cases.

Invocable team.

Design with Blocks

We think of voice design as a concept of blocks, where each block is an interaction between the user and the app. Blocks have Steps inside, which are the interactions themselves.

Given this structure, you can create anything. The only limit is your imagination.

Blocks are not just
"Alexa Says"


This is your go-to for most projects. You can add what Alexa says, what User responds, any Sounds you’d like, Integrate with custom APIs like Airtable, and catch every misunderstood reply with Else.


Prototype audio-heavy Alexa skills with the Audio Player block, which allows playing audio of all length. Loop and customize what happens next. Grab audio URL from a variable.


With Conditions, you can customize what your voice app does based on a variable or event. For example, your prototype can say “Good morning!” if the current local user time is less than 9 a.m.

Customers about Invocable

Invocable lets me create prototypes with varying fidelity, ready for user testing or socializing around the company. Even better, I can easily tweak Alexa response variations before handing off to developers for the final skill creation.
Richard Warzecha, Voice UX Designer @ Best Buy
Invocable lets me graphically implement my conversation as a decision tree, test it, turn it into code, and deploy it by clicking a button. It also lets me update the content easily, which is critical since Kids Court relies so heavily on fresh content.
Adva Levin, Voice-First Designer @ Pretzel Labs
Everything went AMAZINGLY with Invocable, our journalism students really liked the tool.
Invocable was essential to the workshop and allowed them to create a concept and make progress that they wouldn’t have been able to without.
Joseph Price, Product Manager @ The Washington Post

Have control over your work

You love when everything's organized? We do too.

You can build your own process with lists. Move projects into multiple columns, or toss them all into a big one — it’s up to you.

Collaboration is coming soon.

Test your prototypes on Alexa

Once you've got some flows outlined, connect your Amazon Developer account to upload your prototypes to Alexa. Test on a real Echo device and iterate on your design in real-time — we synchronize changes instantly.

User testing is coming soon.

Looks interesting?

Try Invocable for free now. Start turning your ideas into prototypes in minutes.
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Share projects to get feedback

Share prototypes with your team or a client using view-only sharing so they don’t break anything. Disable access any time.

Capture user input with Variables

You can save what users say and use it later on in your voice experience. For example, you can greet the user by his name or provide location-specific weather forecast.

You can use 95 pre-built Amazon data types, create an internal Invocable variable, or train your own custom one (coming soon).

What about Multimodal?

Use pre-built templates or create your own. Edit images, texts, colors, font sizes. Add buttons. Use Alexa Presentation Language (APL). Switch between different speakers with screens to test how it looks. To name but a few.